NESH exists to foster a global vision of sustainable, equitable and enjoyable development while maintaining the health and integrity of ecosystems at the local level

Action, Ecosystems, Knowledge workshop exercise


To inform and guide individuals and organizations in the conception and implementation of sustainable environmental management, health and agricultural programs. To build individual, community and organizational capacity to learn and adapt to a complex, uncertain and rapidly changing global context.


We follow several pathways in pursuing our purposes and vision:

  • gathering, synthesizing and disseminating leading-edge research in the fields of ecosystem science, complex systems thinking, ecosystem approaches, adaptive management and public participatory processes;
  • conducting/coordinating research to further the development of adaptive ecosystem management approaches;
  • educating through courses and workshops on the above topics; and,
  • providing tools and assistance to empower communities, organizations, and other groups to resolve their own issues and plan an ecologically sustainable future.