What We Do - Services



NESH provides half-day and full day workshops on the theory and practice of adaptive ecosystem approaches and decision-making under conditions of complexity and uncertainty. These workshops are usually run in conjunction with meetings of various international scientific associations, and provide an opportunity for other scholars to apprise themselves of activities in this new frontier of inquiry.


NESH can provide short courses (from 3 days to 2 weeks) for government and non-government organizations (NGOs), in both academic and applied management situations. These courses can be tailored to address specific concerns about natural resource management, community health, or agriculture, while building on a general ecosystem framework which explicitly acknowledges the long and short-term consequences of interactions across all dimensions of life. Courses we can offer include:

· An Introduction to the Ecosystem Approach

· An Adaptive Ecosystem Approach to: (a) Monitoring; (b) Natural Area Management; and, (c) Ecological Design and Planning

 A Practical Ecosystem Approach to Human, Animal and Ecosystem Health. A text for this course, Ecosystem Sustainability and Health: a Practical Approach, by David Waltner-Toews, is available from Cambridge University Press.

· Ecosystems, Health and Disease

· Agroecosystem Health

· From Farm to Fork: An agroecosystem approach to foodborne illness

· Global Change and Ecosystem Health

· Participatory Development of Sustainability Indicators

· Systems Thinking as an Approach to Resource Management

· The Theory and Practice of Post-Normal Science

Reviews and Position Papers

NESH publishes and/or distributes working papers on various practical and theoretical issues associated with the work we are doing. These can be ordered (at cost) from NESH or downloaded from the NESH members' web site. We also prepare, under contract, reviews of specific issues for public or private agencies.

Project Development & Implementation

With a rich history of working on environmental, public health and agricultural problems in North America, Central and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia, NESH helps communities, governments, non-government organizations (NGOs), and private enterprises to create their own sustainable learning paths into a healthy future. We respond especially to communities whose initial presenting complaints are with regard to issues in agriculture, the environment, or community health.

Please contact a member of the NESH Board for more information.