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NESH Publications Series

 Publication  #1

Waltner-Toews, D. 2004. Ecosystem Sustainability and Health: A Practical Approach: Cambridge University Press.(http://www.cambridge.org/gb/knowledge/isbn/item5708114/?site_local=en_GB

Publication #2

Parkes, M.W., K. Morrison, M. Bunch, and H. Venema (2008). Ecohealth and Watersheds: Ecosystem Approaches to Re-integrate Water Resources Management with Health and Well-being. Winnipeg, MB. Network for Ecosystem Sustainability and Health (Publication Series No. 2) and the International Institute for Sustainable Development. (http://www.iisd.org/publications/pub.aspx?id=1025)

Publication  #3

Ecohealth and Watersheds: Watersheds as Settings for Health and Wellbeing in Canada (forthcoming 2012) A Research Paper by the Network for Ecosystem Sustainability and Health for the International Institute for Sustainable Development Winnipeg, Canada

 Publications Informed by NESH

Waltner-Toews, J.J. Kay, and N.M. Lister, (eds.) 2008. The Ecosystem Approach: Complexity, Uncertainty, and Managing for Sustainability. New York: Columbia University Press.

Journal Articles informed by NESH projects

Bunch, M.J, K.E Morrison, M.W Parkes, and H.D Venema. (2011). Promoting health and well-being in watersheds by managing for social-ecological resilience: The potential of integrating ecohealth and water resources management approaches.  Ecology & Society 16 (1). (http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/vol16/iss1/art6/ES-2010-3803.pdf

Parkes, M.W., K.E Morrison, M.J. Bunch, L.K. Hallstrom, R.C Neudoerffer, H.D Venema, and D. Waltner-Toews. (2010). Towards Integrated Governance for Water, Health and Social-Ecological Systems: The Watershed Governance Prism. Global Environmental Change 20: 693-704.(http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0959378010000579

Parkes, M.W., and P. Horwitz. (2009). Water, Ecology and Health: Exploring ecosystems as a settings for promoting health and sustainability. Health Promotion International 24 (1): 94-102.(http://heapro.oxfordjournals.org/content/24/1/94.abstract)

Waltner-Toews, David. (2011) Ecohealth: A Primer. Veterinarians without Borders, Canada. (http://www.vwb-vsf.ca/english/resources.shtml)

Conference/Symposium Presentations informed by NESH projects

Hallstrom L. Parkes, M., K. Morrison, M. Bunch, C. Neudoerffer and H. Venema (2011) “Water, watersheds and health: integrating ecohealth and watershed management approaches” presentation at the Canadian Association of Geographers, Calgary, AB May 31 – June 3 2011

Bunch, M., Venema H.D., Morrison, K., Parkes M.W., Hallstrom L.K. (2010) Priorities and State of the Art in Integrating Ecohealth and Watershed Management Approaches. London Ecohealth Conference, August 19-21, 2010.

Parkes M. (2010) Ecohealth & Watersheds: new settings to re-integrate equity & ecosystems as determinants of health. Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). Ottawa, ON. September 27, 2010.

Parkes M.W. (2009) Ecohealth & Watersheds: Promoting Health and Reducing Inequities through Ecosystem Management Canadian Public Health Assocation Conference, Winnipeg, MB. June 7-10, 2009.

Parkes, M., K. Morrison, M. Bunch, and H. Venema. (2008) Water for Life, Health and Sustainability: An Ecosystem Approach to Reintegrate Water Resource Management with the Determinants of Health. In Thematic Week 3: Water for Life [Health, Water quality]. Final Document. Thematic Weeks, edited by Expo Zaragosa Water Tribune. Zaragosa, Spain: Exposicion Internacional. (http://www.expozaragoza2008.es/ContenidosAgenda/tda/ST0322A.pdf)

Parkes M.W., Bunch M., Morrison K., Venema H. (2008). Ecohealth, watersheds and wetlands: Converging agendas to integrate water resource management and the determinants of health. International Ecohealth Forum 2008: 2nd Biennial Conference of International Association for Ecology & Health. December 1-5, 2008. Merida, Mexico.